Living with a dog is wonderful.

Living with a canine scholar is even better.

The difference?

A canine scholar knows how to live in human society – to come when called, walk by your side, greet humans and fellow canines politely, and leave the chooks and wildlife to their own business.

At Scholars in Collars, we’re dedicated to bringing out the scholar in all dogs.

Hello. I’m Alexis Davison. My team and I love helping dog owners enjoy the best from their dogs. And to serve as many dogs and dog lovers as possible, it gives me great pleasure to help others join and thrive in our industry as well. I look forward to hearing how we can help you!

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Ready to live with a canine scholar?

Puppy Training

Early education puppy classes and private puppy training to solve puppy raising woes and develop your future scholar in a collar.

Dog Training

Basic life skills and specialty classes plus private training to tackle your training goals from basic manners to serious behaviour concerns.


Workshops and private training options for dogs who chase what they shouldn’t, be that farm stock, wildlife, or things with wheels.

Ready to help create canine scholars?

Become a Dog Walker

Enjoy a career with dogs in the great outdoors! Certify as a professional dog walker via the Dog Walking Academy for new and experienced dog walkers.

Become a Dog Trainer

Make an impact on dogs’ lives - and your own. The internationally acclaimed Karen Pryor Academy is a top choice for new and seasoned dog trainers.

Build Your Dog Business

Ready to start or grow your dog business? Get support through business consulting, personalised to your needs and goals.

Learn more about how I can help you enjoy a career with dogs.

Careers with Dogs

Training you can feel good about

Modern canine behavioural science has given us effective ways to change dog behaviour without the use of outdated training tools that rely on pain or discomfort. Because we can, we use only positive, reward-based training rewards taught and endorsed by the leading dog training schools and organisations worldwide.

About Our Methods

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Get to know Alexis

Get to know Alexis

Alexis Davison is a nationally accredited Dog Behavioural Trainer with a Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training. Alexis’ training and teaching skills are recognised by her peers internationally and thus her status as Australia’s Karen Pryor Academy faculty member and Dog Walking Academy instructor. She confesses having a hard time deciding whether helping dog owners or dog professionals brings her more joy, so she happily does both.

Meet Alexis