Living with a dog is wonderful.

Living with a canine scholar is even better!


We're dedicated to bringing out the scholar in all dogs

At Scholars in Collars we are committed to ensuring all dogs and their people receive the one-on-one attention they deserve to be a Canine Scholar. Our tiny group training classesso small it’s semi-private training – will provide you with the personalised guidance and support you need to achieve your training goals; at home and in the big wide world.

We know that your dog is going to need some refined skills to match your lifestyle as they grow into a Canine Scholar, so we have created training just for that!

The unique training experience you didn't know you needed

Unlike regular dog training classes that train in large groups, on an oval or the same classroom every week, our training is uniquely different, and far ahead of the rest in every way:

  • Train alongside like-minded people
  • Tiny class size: a ratio of four dogs per two qualified instructors
  • Practice in the real world on field trips throughout the Adelaide Hills
  • Highly qualified, certified professional instructors at your side from start to finish
An absolute stand out amongst dog training schools across Australia

Gone are the days of large group obedience training, where you and your dog get lost in a sea of other dogs and people. You may have heard of dog training schools offering ‘small class sizes’ of 6 to 8 dogs. At Scholars in Collars, we do even better than that.

Our Lifestyle Courses have a ratio of one qualified instructor for every two dogs, with a maximum of four dogs and two instructors per course – that’s semi-private training!

We will make sure you won’t get lost in the crowd by offering these intentionally intimate class sizes; we provide you and your dog with a personalised and successful learning experience every time.

Meet our passionate team to help build your Canine Scholar today!

Hello! I’m Janelle. My team and I are passionate about helping dog owners enjoy the best from their dogs. Whether we be there right from the start, help polish existing skills, or help you change some stressful or undesirable behaviours; we got you. Let us help you on your journey to success to living the way you dreamed with your best friend, and Canine Scholar.

Are you ready to live with a Canine Scholar?

Puppy Training

Early education is the key to success; our qualified instructors can guide you through your puppy woes, and help develop your future Scholar in a Collar.

Lifestyle Courses

Whether your best friend will be a homebody with you and the family or a social scholar joining you on a lifetime of adventures; we’ve got you covered.

Private Training

Perhaps you’re struggling with a behaviour issue or just struggling to find time in a busy schedule. We can develop a personalised training solution for you.


Maybe you're looking to work on a specific skill, and don’t have the desire to attend training week after week? Workshops may be just what you need.

Training you can feel good about

Modern canine behavioural science has given us effective ways to change dog behaviour without the use of outdated training methods that rely on intimidation, fear, pain or discomfort. Because we can, we use only positive, reward-based methods endorsed by the leading dog trainers and animal organisations worldwide.

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Get to know your Scholars in Collars team


Owner & lead trainer Janelle Irvin is a nationally accredited Dog Behavioural Trainer holding a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, and has graduated the esteemed Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Trainer Professional Program.

She and her qualified team bring genuine enthusiasm and passion - not to mention a depth of knowledge, experience, and professional credentials - to every training moment.

Their goal? To help you meet yours!

Janelle Irvin // Owner & Lead Trainer

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