Careers with Dogs

Calling all (human) canine scholars!

If you love dogs enough to make them your living, you owe it to yourself and them to pursue the highest level of professional education. That’s why I’m so pleased to have been chosen to bring the Karen Pryor Academy and Dog Walking Academy programs to Australia.

And if you’re planning to run your own business - or you already do - you owe it to yourself and the dogs just as much to learn the business side of a career with dogs, too. As a business consultant, I can help you make a living helping dogs. (And what better way to make a living is there?)

The Karen Pryor Academy:

Become a dog trainer or advance your existing dog training skills and business

The Karen Pryor Academy is widely held internationally as one of the pre-eminent education options for serious dog trainers. Always on the cutting edge of canine behavioural science, KPA teaches the most effective positive-based training techniques to trainers interested in working with pet dog clients as well as honing their own clicker training and shaping skills.

A combination of online learning and four hands-on weekend workshops with your own dog, the KPA program provides an intensive skill-building opportunity. Be prepared for a serious training workload, plenty of “a-ha!” moments, and an awful lot of training fun.

Course Details

Course tuition: $5,400 AUD


Upcoming dates & locations:

Auckland, New Zealand:

Application Deadline 24 March 2022

Your course begins on 7 April 2022

National Format

  • Integrated online learning and hands-on workshop
  • Travel 1 time to this location for your workshop
  • Bring your dog to the 5-day workshop
  • Video submissions are required

On-site workshop dates & location: Friday 7 October – Tuesday 11 October 2022

Training Facility:

Purina Pro Plan Auckland Exhibition Centre

743 Clevedon Road

Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand

Information and registration


Melbourne, Australia:

Apply anytime before 25 April 2022

Your course begins on 6 May 2022

 On-site workshop dates:
  • Workshop 1: 18 & 19 June 2022
  • Workshop 2: 6 & 7 August 2022
  • Workshop 3: 24 & 25 September 2022
  • Workshop 4: 19 & 20 November 2022

Training Facility:

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

17 Barrett St

Kensington, Victoria, 3031, Australia

Further information and registration




The Dog Walking Academy

Become a dog walker or advance your existing dog walking skills and business

The standard in professional dog walking education, the Dog Walking Academy offers serious dog walkers and those wishing to enter the profession the opportunity to set themselves apart to potential clients. Expand your canine behavioural and training knowledge, get help with current walking challenges, and learn the most effective and ethical business practices to make your living with the dogs.

Course Details

Course tuition: $650USD introductory rate (save $200)

Upcoming program dates and locations in Australia:

Soon to be announced for 2020


Information & Registration

Dog Business Consulting

If you’re ready to start your dog business, or you’re already in business but could use some help or support, I’d love to be there for you. As a member of a widely-respected international consulting team for dog professionals, I provide one-on-one, personalised assistance with business start-up, creating or fine-tuning your services, setting your rates and policies, creating an effective and easy marketing plan to grow your business, solving staffing or other problems, learning how to more comfortably talk to potential clients about your services and rates, or just about any other aspect of running a dog training, walking, daycare, pet sitting, or boarding business.

If you’re like most dog lovers, the dog side of things comes a little easier than the business side. In fact, sometimes the business side can be downright intimidating — or at least perplexing. But it doesn’t have to be. With a friendly voice on your side, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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Meet your instructor & business coach: Alexis Davison. CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

It’s my great fortune to have spent my professional career working with dogs, and I take tremendous pleasure and pride in sharing that fortune with fellow dog lovers. I can’t think of a better way to give back to our profession than helping others join it. And the more serious, dedicated, education-focused dog pros out there, the more dogs who benefit. If you think it might be time to give yourself the gift of making your living with the dogs, I’d love to be your guide.

Questions about a career in dog training or dog walking?

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Or, for detailed questions about the Karen Pryor Academy visit the KPA Website

Or, for detailed questions about the Dog Walking Academy or business consulting program email the Dog Walking Academy or visit their website.