Can something really be done?

December 14, 2016 by ScholarOwner

Absolutely. Though every dog and case are different, positive-based training can greatly reduce your stress by seeking to change the way your dog sees the world. If he’s no longer afraid of strangers, there’s no need to bark and lunge to make strangers go away.

Unfortunately, traditional training methods that rely on punishing aggressive behaviours result in either worsening the behaviour (by confirming through punishment that there was something to be worried about in the first place) or it’s suppression (by “punishing it out”, or making the dog afraid to express his discomfort). While suppression initially looks like success, in reality the dog’s inner state has not changed; he’s only ceased to express his fear or dislike. Without the warning signs of barking or growling to let people or other animals know to back off, the risk of a bite increases significantly.

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