Our Trainers

Alexis Davison


Owner, Lead Trainer, Professional Educator

Training Credentials

Alexis is a nationally accredited Dog Behavioural Trainer with a Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), and an internationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Named 2014 Dog Trainer of the Year by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, Alexis’ professional memberships also include the American Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild Australia.

Alexis is an accredited trainer with the Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia and conducts training seminars for various other professional groups, including animal management officers, vets, veterinary nurses and non-government organisations.

Educating Fellow Dog Professionals

Alexis is honored to be a Karen Pryor Academy faculty member, charged with teaching the KPA Dog Trainer Professional Program in Australia.

As part of her commitment to educating fellow dog professionals she is also the Dog Walking Academy instructor for all of Australia, occasionally offering the program to dog walkers in England and New Zealand as well.

A Commitment To Continued Professional Development

Following John Cotton Dana’s philosophy “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn,” Alexis regularly attends conferences, workshops, and seminars around Australia and overseas in order to offer clients and fellow dog professionals the most up-to-date and effective approaches to understanding dogs and how to positively impact their Behaviour.

Tracey Rogers



Tracey is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Trainer program and KPA Puppy Right Start for Instructors Course. A graduate of the dog*biz Dog Walking Academy, she is a Certified Professional Dog Walker also certified in pet first aid and CPR, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Despite these credentials, Tracey shares the team’s commitment to ongoing professional development, continuing to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to bring Scholars in Collars clients the latest developments in the field.

Tracey works with our clients via private training and in our group class program. A well-rounded trainer skilled in creating personalised training programs based on individual needs, Tracey has a particular soft spot for educating puppies, viewing puppy pre-school classes and socialisation programs as giving puppies the best opportunity to grow into well-adjusted, confident companions.

Janelle Irvin



A talented group class instructor, Janelle holds a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. A graduate of the dog*biz Dog Walking Academy, she is a Certified Professional Dog Walker also certified in pet first aid and CPR, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Janelle previously worked as the Foster Care Coordinator for the Greyhound Adoption Program of South Australia and coordinator for the TAFESA GAPSA Foster Program, training students in basic canine care and overseeing the health and well being of the foster dogs in her care. It was in this capacity that retired racing greyhound Andy came into her life. He hasn’t left her side since.

Janelle is passionate about the well being of all dogs and takes great joy in watching clients come to better enjoy their dogs through positive training.

How we train-and why we do it that way

Staying abreast of the latest science, we use only positive, reward-based training. We want to see you enjoy the best possible results. We also want those results to be guilt-free for you and stress-free for you and your dog both.

Fortunately, science allows us to achieve all of these goals. We’ve come to understand that fear and pain inhibit learning, slowing the training process. We’ve come to understand that fear and pain can increase aggressive behaviour and even cause it where it wasn’t before.

Positive training, on the other hand, avoids these unwanted and unintended behavioural side effects. Rather than your dog learning to do (or not to do) something in order to avoid punishment for making the wrong choice, positive-based training motivates your dog to prefer the right choice—putting you and your dog squarely on the same page.

In short, if we can achieve the behaviour we want without inducing stress for you or your dog, why would we train any other way?

Our guarantee to you

While it is considered professionally unethical to guarantee training results (how can you guarantee the behaviour of another living being?), we do guarantee that you will work with a highly credentialed instructor motivated to help you reach your training goals. We guarantee we’ll use only the most humane, modern, and scientifically proven reward-based training methods to reach those goals. And we guarantee training with us will be a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog.