Un-Chase!® Private Training

Because canine scholars don't chase!

Bicycles, cats and chickens, oh my! If you dog chases things he shouldn't, our Un-Chase® workshop and private training programs can help.

Have a puppy? Our Puppy Un-Chase® workshop will teach your puppy not to pick up the chasing habit in the first place. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention...

Solution for dogs who chase:

  • Things on wheels like cars, bicycles, and skateboards
  • Family pets like cats, bunnies, and birds
  • Household items like vacuum cleaners and brooms
  • Livestock animals like chickens, horses, sheep, and goats
  • Neighbourhood animals like cats, possums, and birds
  • Wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas

How Un-Chase!® works

Our Un-Chase!® programs teach dogs self-control in the face of exciting chase opportunities.

Your dog will learn to self-regulate by choosing alternative bahaviours to chasing. Imagine, for example, your dog coming to you or plopping into a drop-stay when he sees a chicken. (Yes, it really is possible!)

By providing safe, controlled opportunities for you and your dog to practice in the presence of real-life chase triggers, your dog learns real-life self control – and you enjoy real-life confidence and peace of mind.

Choose your Un-Chase!® program format

Un-Chase!® Workshop

This fun, unique group workshop shows you and your dog the basic of Un-Chase!® training then provides ample opportunity for safe, real-life practice guided by a highly experienced professional trainer.

For: All dog and people-friendly dogs of any age with current vaccinations

Where and when: Weekends at Scout Hall on Pye Road in Balhannah

Cost: $132 incl GST for one two-hour workshop, includes free Scholars in Collars Un-Chase!® e-booklet

Ready to help your dog Un-Chase!®. Space is limited to 5 dogs per session, so register today!


Un-Chase!® Private Training

If you’d like more personalised attention, want the additional benefit of working your dog in the exact situations he chases in or have a dog or people-aggressive dog inappropriate for a group class setting, we’ll bring Un-Chase!® to you. We can work in your home, on your land, out on your favourite walking trail, or wherever else your dog’s chasing behaviour needs curbing.

For: All dogs who chase

Where and when: Your home or your dog's favourite chasing location, at a time convenient to you

Cost: In-home training package $550 incl GST (initial 90 min session and 2 x 60 min sessions in your home).

  • Private Un-Chase!® clients can add an Un-Chase!® workshop for $125 incl GST (save $40)
  • Ready to stop the chasing? Call or email to set up your private Un-Chase!® program today.
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    Puppy Un-Chase

    You can always teach an adult dog to stop chasing cars, wildlife, and farm animals – but it’s a lot easier to reach a puppy not to pick up these unwanted hobbies in the first place. If you’ve got a breed inclined to chase, or a puppy of any kind who you’ll want to have around other animals as an adult. Puppy Un-Chase!® is a smart puppy raising investment. Plus it’s an awful lot of good fun!

    For: Fully vaccinated puppies between the ages of 3 and 9 months.

    Where and when: Saturdays at the Scout Hall on Pye Road in Balhannah.

    Cost: $165 incl GST for 3 x 45 min sessions, treat pouch, and clicker

    Ready to prevent unwanted chasing? Register today!


    Why do dogs chase?

    Well for one thing it’s just good fun. At least for your dog. Not so much for you or any animals being chased, of course.

    It’s also hard-wired. Once upon a time dogs couldn’t rely on kindly humans for their meals – they had to catch their sustenance. Though dogs have been domesticated for some time now, most dogs retain the instinct to chase. For some, a well-thrown ball is enough to scratch the itch. For others, it’s hard to ignore the call of a fleeing bunny or chicken. And some dogs feel compelled to chase anything that moves – even inanimate objects like your vacuum cleaner.

    This variation in chase behaviour stems from uneven trait selection pressure in the absence of continued evolutionary advantages to chasing. In short, some dogs are born to chase a bit, some a lot, and some feel they have better things to do.

    If your dog doesn’t fall in the latter category, an Un-Chase!® program can make a world of difference.

    “I couldn’t believe it!”

    I couldn’t believe it! Indiana saw a rabbit and I expected her to chase it – but she knew to check in with me first. We have done the Un-Chase!® course. I highly recommend it. I’m very impressed.

    “OH. MY. GOSH!”

    OH. MY. GOSH! I have been waiting two years for this moment. Utilising the techniques we recently learned at our Un-Chase!® workshop, today I was able to walk Molly at a relaxed heel along a busy road.