Un-Chase!® Training

Because canine scholars don't chase!
Bicycles, cats and chickens, oh my! If your dog chases things they shouldn’t, our Un-Chase!® training programs can help.
Whether your dog be well versed in chasing the local wildlife, or you have a young puppy who hasn’t picked up the chase habit yet, our Puppy Un-Chase!® Course, Un-Chase!® Workshop, or private Un-Chase!® training is an invaluable investment for you.

Providing solutions for dogs who chase:

Things with wheels like cars, bicycles, and skateboards
Family pets like cats, bunnies, and birds
Household items like vacuum cleaners, blowers and brooms
Livestock animals like chickens, horses, sheep, and goats
Neighbourhood animals like cats, possums, and birds
Wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas

How Un-Chase!® Works

Our Un-Chase!® programs teach dogs self-control in the face of exciting chase opportunities.

Your dog will learn to self-regulate by choosing alternative behaviours to chasing. Imagine, for example, your dog coming to you or settling into a drop-stay when they see a chicken. (Yes, it really is possible!)

By providing safe, controlled opportunities for you and your dog to practice in the presence of real-life chase triggers, your dog can learn real-life self-control; and you can enjoy real-life confidence and peace of mind.

Un-Chase!® Workshop

Does your dog like to chase? Scholars in Collars have just the solution! Licensed to provide you the admirable UnChase!® programmes, this workshop will give you the skills to teach your dog self-control in the presence of their chase triggers. Whether it be cars, cyclists, livestock, wildlife or fellow family pets we can help you accomplish a harmonious household and better safety for all, as well as more relaxed living and peace of mind for you and your family.


Dogs of all ages who are dog and people friendly* who are current with vaccinations.

Where and When:

This workshop runs 2-4 times a year in Balhannah on weekends.

This workshop is offered at various times in various locations across South Australia including the South East, Copper Coast, Barossa and Fleurieu Peninsula.


$189 incl GST for one two-and-a-half-hour workshop; includes clicker and Scholars in Collars Un-Chase!® e-booklet

Class size:

Two qualified instructors for five dogs and their people

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Puppy Un-Chase!® Course

You can always teach an adult dog to stop chasing cars, wildlife, and farm animals - but it's a lot easier to teach a puppy not to pick up these unwanted hobbies in the first place. If you've got a breed inclined to chase, or a puppy of any kind who you'll want to have around other animals as an adult, Puppy Un-Chase!® is a smart puppy raising investment. Plus it's an awful lot of good fun!


Fully vaccinated puppies between 3 to 8 months

Where and When:

This course runs 2-3 times a year in Balhannah on Weekends


3 x 45minute classes over 3 weeks at $265 incl GST; includes a clicker, treat pouch, and Puppy Un-Chase!® e-book

Class size:

Two qualified instructors per four puppies and their people

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Un-Chase!® Private Training

If you'd like more personalised attention, want the additional benefit of working your dog in the exact situations in which they chase, or have a dog or people-aggressive dog inappropriate for a group class setting, we'll bring UnChase!® to you. We can work in your home, on your land, out on your favourite walking trail, or wherever else your dog's chasing behaviour needs curbing.


All dogs who chase

Where and When:

Your home or your dog's favourite chasing location, at a time convenient for you


Private training package $620 incl GST (includes 1 x 90-minute initial training session in your home, and 2 x 60 minute sessions at your home or out and about, plus a personalised training plan for each session)

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Why do dogs chase?

Well for one thing it's just good fun. At least for your dog. Not so much for you or any animals being chased, of course.

It's also hard-wired. Once upon a time dogs couldn't rely on kind humans for their meals - they had to catch their sustenance. Though dogs have been domesticated for some time now, most dogs retain the instinct to chase. For some, a well-thrown ball is enough to scratch the itch. For others, it's hard to ignore the call of a fleeing bunny or chicken. And some dogs feel compelled to chase anything that moves - even inanimate objects like your vacuum cleaner.

Our Service Area

Group puppy training, dog training classes and specialised workshops are held in Balhannah and Mount Barker, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

If you are located in the Copper Coast Council area, Yorke Peninsula Council, Mid Murray Council area, Southern Barossa Council or Murray Bridge Council area, we travel to these locations monthly. Please contact us to find out when we will next be in your area.

Private dog training is available in Adelaide's North East, East and Adelaide Hills areas:
Adelaide Hills Council (including Balhannah, Lobethal, and Stirling)
Burnside Council (including Burnside, Kensington Gardens, and Norwood)
Campbelltown City Council (including Magill and Rostrevor)
City of Tea Tree Gully (including Modbury, Redwood Park and Tea Tree Gully)

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